Monday, March 10, 2008

Small Quilting Group

Well my small group met on Saturday. I only got to stay for 2 hours because we had a very special friend that was having a birthday party. So, I quilted for a bit and then we went and partied.

Well, Wanda brought in some scraps for dog and cat beds. But, in looking at the bag, we found that there were some large enough pieces to sew together and make the outside bag made and then stuff with the unusable stuff. But, in the process, there were enough strings to make a quilt. There were enough hst pieces to put together another pinwheel quilt. So, we spent some of the time sorting and dividing up the stuff to use for other charity things and Wanda made some dog beds.

This was a practice piece that was in the bag, so Wanda sewed up the sides and it will become a cat pillow.

Wanda brought show and tell and wow, I love the boot. Isn't it just perfect? I think I might have to make this one.
Last month she was working on a strip piecing quilt, she actually made 2 of these, but did a different border on each. The borders bring out a different color in the blocks. BEAUTIFUL!
Lana brought a couple of show and tells too. This 30's quilt top was one we helped her arrange the colors. I love the border on it. She is going to try scalloping it. Won't that be fun?

Here is the blue and brown one she had that we helped with arranging the pieces too.

We have a new member, Glenna, who is going to be leaving us and going to Germany soon, but she is working on a signature quilt for someone in her office.

All I had time to do was sew on the binding for the baby quilt. I finished it later in the day.

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Looks like a great day!