Sunday, March 23, 2008

plugging away

Happy Easter!!!

I got sidetracked. LOL I am sick of the mess, so I sorted scraps. I need to make more scrap quilts, because I have too much of just about EVERY color. I still have more to go, but became overwhelmed by it all. :( I don't have any more room for those plastic drawers, so I have got to use these up. I found a 2 gallon baggie of red white and blue fabrics that were from many, many years ago. I sorted them and can now use what I have. But, that means I need to make another patriotic quilt. (I only have 3 of them in process right now).

I did get a couple swap blocks made. They need to be mailed by Wed, so I'd better get moving on them.

The backing fits wonderfully on the love quilt, so now to iron it and get that baby loaded! I will be fun to quilt, so I think that will be OK. I'd like to get that done this week too.

I still need to get this stuff going and be done with it. I hate being overloaded. Wish me luck.

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