Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday update

Well, I think I go in cycles on what I actually get accomplished. But, here is my status of what I've done this week, so I keep up with Judy L's challenge.

So, what have I done this week?

Fabric Added This Week - 0

Fabric Added Year to Date - .25 (I was given a FQ this week)

Fabric Used This Week - 3.35 yards

Fabric Used Year to Date -5.93 yards

I've been working on mostly fabric postcards, Valentines PCs and Winter PCs.

I did finish a baby quilt that is for one of the teachers at DD's school. She is having a baby girl. This was another UFO, so that is wonderful for me.

I've also been working on the Carolina Crossroads by Bonnie Hunter. I still have the one corner to finish before the center is put together. It hung on the design wall for all week, but I am making progress on it now. I finished the center tonight.

I've been embroidering too. That does not use much fabric. LOL But, I am making some hanging hearts for the Red Hat Cibolo Buffalo Gals for Valentines day. I have 3 more of these lovelies to make. Then to find something to attach them to. Maybe some tea?

The other project is a heartstrings project. I normally do the entire quilt and make it for a local charity. But, this time I ma making prayer squares for my church.
They give this little quilts to folks going through rough times. They are not quilted, they are tied. For every knot that is made, a prayer is said for the individual. So, I have 7 tops here that I need to make backings for and birth them. My Mom will do the tying for me and then we will pass them on to our church.


Mary said...

I've read about the prayer quilts and love the idea of tying them and each knot representing a prayer.

The postcards are really cute too. Deb and I worked on one for Mom that I think is SO cute - I will probably have to make one like it for my journal project.

Kim said...

tea??? Are you crazy??? CHOCOLATE!!!! Little bags of chocoloate= :p