Monday, January 7, 2008

QOV #58 done

Well, I got the last QOV finished. I did flowers and leaves meandered around the quilt. It looks OK, and it is what the owner wanted, so....

I also finished the love block in orange and green.

I am playing with a wedding quilt done in red, yellow and blue.

Which one do you like best. A or B ? I think this one would make you go blind. LOL
Kim is talking all of us into working on the Quilters Alphabet pattern. Can you name all the patterns?
I don't have the pattern yet, but this is my guess so far at this time of night. LOL
Attic Window
Contrary Wife Dutchman, Clays Choice
Eight Pointed star
Four Patch
Indian Hatchet
Jacob's Ladder
Kansas Troubles
Log Cabin
Monkey Wrench
Nine Patch
Ocean Waves
Quarter Log Cabin
Tic Tac Toe
Union Square
Variable Star
Weather vane
X -X block
Yankee Puzzle
Zig Zag
Help me out with the other ones. LOL Thanks, Beth & Leah
I pulled out some fabrics for a birthday block for my birthday runaway group. That is next.


Leah S said...

K looks like Kansas Troubles?

And I vote for A, I like the wonkiness of it. :)

Beth said...

C looks like Contrary Wife and J looks like Jacob's Ladder. I think Leah's right about K being Kansas Troubles.

I like the A design :)

Kucki68 said...

I like the asymetrical one, but I am sure you would have some in the blind and dizzy category.

Kim said...

C is Clay's Choice
I vote B

Kim said...

U is Union Star

Leah S said...

Could T be Tic Tac Toe type of block?