Sunday, December 3, 2023

December Progress

    My to-do-list for 2023 

I've updated this listing with only the things that have not yet been accomplished and will transfer over to 2024.

1. I need to cut more baby clothing and even out the boy and girl fabric. I am sewing together the girl baby clothing to be able to finish off the quilt. I hope I can accomplish this in December

2. Donna's memory quilt or two, depending on how it goes together. I think I will be doing hers in a heart shape. I doubt I get started on this in December, so it will be first on the list in January 2024.

3. I'd like to make some memory teddy bears from Rob, Lillian, and Donna's leftovers.

None of the remaining items on this list will be worked on in December.

5. Hawaiian pants for Ashley

6. Off Kilter

7. Christmas Panel - Winter's Eve

10. Start on the Wedding quilt for December

This doesn't have to be done in December, but I still need to work on it.

FINISHED in December

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