Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday sewing

Yes, I forgot to add the side strips and got those on today.
I also got the backing sewn together,.
Sewed a graduation gift of a gray pillow together for Esther. 
Back of the pillow. 

I need to become accountable on these baby clothing quilts.
I've had them for a long time.
I have trouble working on them because of the many steps needed.
But, I MUST focus!
These are the pieces either in 4 patches.
These are the ones that need to be sewn into 4 patches.
I need to cut these into 2.5" squares.
They are already stabilized.
These still need to be stabilized.
That's not too back since it was a huge container.
I'm not sure how big this quilt is going to become.

I am going to start putting them up on the design wall when they are in a larger square.
We shall see if that motivates me more about getting it done.

Then, I will have a second one to make.

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