Sunday, June 4, 2017

Post cards

A little story.
I'm in a yahoo group that trades postcards.
It is a fun experience to receive those cards in the mail.
I am in two swaps, one color theory and one Q is for.....
I was making a color theory card and chose blue and yellow.
the problem with that is those are not complimentary colors, and that was the instruction - complimentary.
So, I get ready to address the first card and realize this is not the right color combination.
I needed it to be yellow and purple.
I had done a fan pattern for the cards.
After much disappointment that I'd not done the right thing, I thought --
I can save them.
I can use the fan pattern as a quilt pattern.
I now have two Q is for Quilt cards ready to go.
I have 1 card for the Lotto.
I have an idea for the purple and yellow cards.
On to making complimentary colors into a post card.

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