Sunday, February 26, 2017

Organization Challenge

Prairie Moon is Challenging us to pick some items from A Quilting Life Organization listing.
I think it would be helpful to me to just start at the top of her list and do them in order.
So, the first two are:
Day One: Take a "before" picture and list your works in progress.
Here are my before photos
From the staircase side of the room.
I have one box there that needs to be done.
I am procrastinating because it is mostly papers.
My string containers need to be used and focused on. 
My pressing table is being used now, so it is a bit messy.
The under table looks messy, but it is organized with the things I have on lists to complete this year. 
My cutting table has those pieces of batting stacked behind it.
I with I had a better way to handling them, but this works.
I have not done enough quilting this year to use them up.

My listings of UFOs and things I want to get done each month are located on this blog.
I update them and a word document each time something changes.

Day Two:  Make a "to do" list of projects you want to make. 
My to do list is in the upper right hand corner of my blog.
I need to update it for March.

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