Monday, September 12, 2016

To Do

I do not feel like I'm getting very much done, but I did accomplish a few things and made progress on others, so I need to be thankful I got that done.
Sometimes even though I have things looming over me, I need to do something small.
That one change helps me want to move on. 

·A2        Sew some of the test quilt
I have one step done and the second almost done.
·A1        Work on Kailey’s quilt – My OMG
I am making progress.  I have 3 bows to make and sewing the center all together.
·        Make Backing for Girl Scout Quilt
I just need to finish sewing the extra piece on the backing.
Baste Girl Scout Quilt
I worked on this, but need to focus some time on it.
·        Charm Square Tote Bag
Dark Blue Quilt
·        Clean house
This is the never ending task, but I did some this weekend.
Quilty Fun Blocks

All the ones with little dots are started again this weekend.
If I were realistic, my weekly list would be: 

·        Sew some of the test quilt
·        Work on Kailey’s quilt – My OMG

Ann’s Snowball
Bind Chinese Coins Quilt
Bind Pumpkin Quilt
Clean house

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