Sunday, September 25, 2016

Stashbuster numbers for October

Frog & Flowers baby quilt is going to be cute.
That is my UFO #59.

My UFO #9 will NOT be finished this year.
It is the twin to my UFO #8.
#8 is the boy baby clothing quilt and #9 is the girl baby clothing quilt.

I am working on them as leader/ender because they are not my favorite thing to work on.
Even though I love 2.5" squares, it is not fun to fuse and cut out baby clothing. :(

How have I done?
Small numbers - 7
Large numbers - 7

I've done more than I would have, so I'm happy.
I doubt I would have pulled them from the cabinet if it were not for the Stashbusters numbers game.

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swooze said...

I went and looked at my #9. It needs quilting. Maybe next month. My highest number is a Christmas quilt also a flimsy. Looks like both are possible for me.