Saturday, September 24, 2016


Finished the small quilt from leftover blue blocks.
I used up the blocks I had, so that is nice.
I'm not sure about the outside borders, but we shall see when I get ready to quilt it.
I have a number of patriotic UFOs that are hanging around.
This one has 3-4 UFO pieces that I was going to finish up individually, but then decided to put them all together.
I have no idea what I'm going to use or what will be left for something else.
I do not like the dark two panels with it right now.
I know I'll finish up the blue stars.  I have some of the background fabric that I could make a few more stars too.
I think the strips will be pieced together for the size of the two blocks, which I think are 12 inch blocks.  Then, I'll cut them into 12" blocks.
After that, we shall see what other fabrics I'll pick to use.
I don't think I'll be using scraps in this one for additional fabrics.
It feels good to get the dark blue blocks off the alternate design wall. :)
I'm still working on the test quilt.
I need to focus and finish it up.

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swooze said...

Love how your blue quilt came together. I am sure your patriotic quilt will be equally successful.