Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekend To Do List

Baste Girl Scout Patriotic quilt (this might just wait until it cools a little so I can spray baste outside)
Quilty Fun Blocks (I am taking this with me Saturday)
Take care of banking items
Work a little on the Stress Management Class
Started Shutterfly
You Can Digitize (Daily)
Work on Dark Blue UFO
Make backing for Maple Leaf
Make backing for Chinese Coins
Patriotic UFOs (there are 3 that I'm going to try and use together)

I've had a few crazy days.
My friend, Lorena, came by and helped with the embroidery machine.
It is stitching better, still needs some help.
She said she would come back next week and spend more time on it with me.

I'm up to date on the You Can Digitize course, so that is good.
I imagine tomorrow is going to be sending in another design.

I have my small quilt group meeting tomorrow.
I do have  a massage scheduled in the middle of that, and I'm going.
What are your weekend plans?

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