Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday happenings

 Finish the Maple Leaf quilt top.
Make needed phone calls
Baste Girl Scout Patriotic quilt
Quilty Fun Blocks
Take care of banking items
Work a little on the Stress Management Class
Started Shutterfly
Started Start on Kailey's T-shirt quilt. Ran out of stabilizer, so waiting for it to arrive.
You Can Quilt 
Well , I got my lesson done today, but with lots of heartache.
 Not from the digitizing, but from the embroidery machine. 
I'm not sure that I fixed it, but it is stitching and i can stitch out my design.
My first digitized design.
I am looking forward to learning what I did wrong and being able to correct the problems.

Then, I watched a YouTube on a scoop purse, and decided to make one.
DD picked out the fabrics from my scrap bins.
She found some fairly large pieces. 

I'll work on this tomorrow.

In-between all this, I had to deal with the cable company.
Our phone will not give us a dial tone.
tomorrow they are supposed to be out.
Guess that means tomorrow morning I pick up so they can get in here.

Oh, DD and I did the T25 exercise routine with a friend - lower body workout.
I can barely move and I did not do the intensity of my DD.

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