Friday, August 5, 2016

To Do list update

I need some accountability, so this is what I need to accomplish this week.
DONE 8/3/16 1. Load QOV
DONE 8/3/16 2. Quilt QOV
3. Pick out fabric for test quilt
4. Finish the Maple Leaf quilt top
Working 5. Make needed phone calls
DONE 8/4/16 6. Finish matching socks
Started 7. Normal household chores
Started 8. Filing
9. Plan for Home Economics Class for DD

DD is finally interested in exercising, so I'm doing it with her.
We did Callenetics Evolution and oh my are my shoulders complaining.
Then, a friend asked DD is she would do T25 with her because she doesn't drive, I have to go with her. I can't just sit and watch, so I'm trying to do T25, but the intensity is above my capability.
So, I didn't do much else yesterday.
I did pull out the last QOV to start it being loaded.

No, it is not on the list, but still needs to be done.
Off to get the car worked on.

1 comment:

Sharon Massena said...

You are doing great on your list I'll keep rooting for you