Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stashbuster UFO #s

the numbers this month are:

#11 Batik & Black QST
There aren't many done.
I wonder if I have other black and bright blocks done that I could use with it.

#16 Bright Pinwheels 
I must have had a plan since all the fabric is here, but no instructions.
There are so many pinwheel patterns that I could use.

First, I am so close to completion on previous UFOs that I might work on them first.

1 comment:

Tammom said...

Did you know the batik & black blocks you called QST's are actually called Split Quarter-Squared Triangles? I had no clue until I was researching what to call them as I designed a block for my blog that had them in it! So would that acronym be SQ-ST? LOL