Saturday, March 19, 2016


Prairie Moon has an organization challenge.
We did it last year and it lasted most of that.
But, when you use it, things tend to move around.
First, my embroidery thread was a mess.
Main drawer arranged by color
Another type of thread that I have in a 4 drawer stand stays fairly nice.
This is packed in, so everything has a place and can go back in nice and neat. 

The next type of thread is my long arm thread
This thread is not liked by my machine, so I need to either figure out how to use it or pass it on. 
White drawer 
Overflow of white thread and variegated threads. 
Purple, Gray and black. 
Brown, Yellow, and Coral.

Next is my sewing machine thread. 
Lots of colors, no easy way to keep neat, and not used all that often.

On national quilting day, I thought I'd clean up something too.

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