Saturday, March 5, 2016


Do you ever get someone that thinks it is their responsibility to point out that you should do something different from what you did?
I've had it happen often, and I don't care for it.
Had a lady walk into my studio and tell me I should have had different cabinets put in.
Would I like a couple of changes, sure, but I like my cabinets.
What right does she have to tell me anything like that.
How rude is it?
I've had folks tell me I needed to post different types of photos.
Do they really think that it helps me to have them tell me that?
Is it their right to do it?  I think NO.
Do they know the circumstances that a photo might have been taken? NO
Do they know someone did it for me and I thank them for that?
Do they know if my photo editing program is having problems? NO
Is it polite to tell me to keep posting photos and that I need to do them better (their way)? NO
It is rude.
Well, I guess I got that off my chest.
It's been bothering me all day to the point that I didn't even care to quilt.
Horrible of me to let it get to me like that.
With all the stresses in my life right now, I do NOT need picky people commenting negative things.
Please, if you don't have something positive to say, keep it to yourself.

My blog is really for me.
I love that others stop by, but it is mine to keep me motivated that I am really accomplishing something.
If it is ever to be turned into something else, then there would be changes to it.
Until then, enjoy what you wish and be polite.

I did try to do some binding.
It is very difficult to grip with my brace on or off.
My wrist is tired and I probably only bound 1.5 sides in about 2 hours of binding and resting.
The positive is I have 1.5 sides done.

I've also started to sew the second border on the T-shirt quilt.
I am sewing Dazzle together as the leader/ender.

I'll not have folks being critical stop me from my love of quilting.
Sorry for the rant, 

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Tammom said...

I completely agree with you. Be nice or be gone.