Thursday, October 29, 2015

Prairie Moon Organization Challenge

last week was to clean out a drawer.
I found all sorts of things in this drawer.
I found lots of things that should have been housed in other places, so they found their home.
I also found things that I will never use -- curve master, etc.
Trying to determine what I should do with them to help get them out of my home.
I'm not sure the bamboo sticks are really needed, but there must be a reason for so many of them.
I found one of my favorite thimbles that I've not been able to find in the stores.

This week the challenge is

Choose 3 things you've been putting off doing and do them

What 3 things can I pick?

1. File paperwork
2. Update the new Credit Card where it is needed.
3.  Work on the red and black quilt.

Of course two of the three are not quilting things, but they will help in the mess around the desk.

Join us and check out the Prairie Moon challenge.


Shelly said...

Sometimes the non-quilty things have to be done so we can keep quilting! Paperwork is the devil!

Tammom said...

Save your quilting stuff in my corner for me. Daughter coming home for Thanksgiving so if you have a truckload of stuff you can get it to her. If I don't have a use for it, I can gift them to my little old church ladies. They get so very tickled at whatever I send to them!