Sunday, August 2, 2015

Stash report

Judy has us keep track of what our stash is doing.
I went to a quilter's retirement sale and only bought a yard of fabric.
I bought 3 yards on the row by row, which is pretty good.
Had 3 UFO finishes this week, but they were small.

Used this Week:                                .33 yards
Used year to Date:                      268.48 yards
Used this Month (July)                     2.51 yards
Added this Week:                             4.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                     80.75 yards
Goal:                                                300 yards
Yards to goal:                               31.52 yards
Yards to quilt goal:                       25.47 yards
Net Used in quilts 2015:            174.53 yards 

A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge this year:
Number of equivalent blocks:              628

Perimeter in inches                               8523
Number of UFOs finished this year:        49
UFO Yardage Used                                     123.75
Amount of yardage used in UFOs              71%

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Kate said...

That's a lot of fabric out the door for the year. Congrats on the stash busting.

Kalicocreations said...

You are doing really well on your stash busting.

Bonnie said...

Yoser! You are really doing something with that stash. Good for you. I need to follow your lead!