Sunday, August 16, 2015

Prairie Moon Organizational Challenge

My week was NOT one that allowed me to do much of anything but band booster things. :(

I did a few other things with my computer files, but not at all what needs to be done.

Choose 10 things to deal with

  1. I think my first thing to do will be paperwork/filing
  2. I need to find a home for my essential oils that are taking up desk space.
  3. I have cups and cans that need to be washed or thrown away.
  4. Finish loading the purple and green quilt.
  5. Fix the umbrella (needs the fabric stitched to the frame.
  6. Find backing for Oh Henry
  7. Put up the quilting books I found downstairs.
  8. Re-organize my batting pieces
  9. Get some of DD's items out of my space.
  10. Organize top of desk for easier use.
Even if I only get a few of these done, it will be heaven.

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