Monday, June 10, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This was not completed for the teacher gift.  That's the second year I didn't get this one done.  :(  But, I guess it is meant for someone else.
That stack of stuff on the right side pinned to the design wall are the pinwheels patches I need to finish to finish this quilt.  I'm thinking of adding another row to the quilt since I have more panels.  We shall see how the pinwheels go and what else happens.  I know there will be more black through the center to balance it out.  Why is it I get myself into these perdicaments?


lynne said...

oh, i think it is meant for ME! i LOVE it!!!!

Kate said...

Do not feel too bad. You are not the only one who did not get a teacher gift done in time. Very pretty project.