Monday, June 3, 2013

Design Wall Monday

OK, so this is another UFO.  You might remember it from the design wall curtains.  I decided to move it over and try to finish it.  I have lots of the tiny pinwheels ready to cut apart and make 2 of the same pinwheels.  I really dislike that process.  The hst process of sewing on either side of diagonal lines and then cutting the square apart to have 8 hst.  Not for me.  Anyway, I have it started and need to use those pinwheels and see about making this quilt.  I do have more of the panels, so I could make the quilt larger.  We shall see what happens.  I am thinking of putting more black aroundthat center strip with the birds.  The panel came with one of the sides with black on it, so I'm using that to go by.  I have a number of different pinks, yellows and greens that I will use around the blocks.  I like the checkerboard effect.

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