Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving.  My family was at my home and we had a wonderful day!
Easy Panel quilt for one of the many baby quilts due this next month

Another baby quilt that is fun.  I wish I'd put white between the piano keys, but that will be for the next one.  I have a few of these panels.
I love this quilt.  So easy to make, and I can see the baby and his brother laying on the floor playing with trains on this quilt.  This went to special Girl Scout friend that has been a leader with me for a few years.   
A few of the Girl Scouts went and decorated at the inpatient pediatrics ward at the San Antonio Area Medical Center (SAAMC) - it used to be Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC)  DD is taller than the tree.  LOL

I am working on a NYE Mystery that I should have already had tested.  :(
I'm also quilting another UFO that is going to our 93 year old aunt in California.

I made a couple of other things, but forgot to take a photo of them.  :( Hate it when I do that.

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