Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Been busy

DD and a fellow Girl Scout are working on projects together.  One pillowcase, one pillow are finished.  Took a bit to get the rotary cutter to be safely used.  :) They enjoyed it and so did I. (if anyone knows how to turn a photo to get it going the right way, please let me know.)

Last night had Cleopatra, Master Wizard and witchy helping at a church Fall festival.

this quilt was given to the DREAM FACTORY for a silent Auction.  This is to help with their sponsorship.

 Making place mats for ME!  I'm finally making them.  Had them ready for years, but finally working on them.  I need to finish sewing them together.
Our wonderful Red Hat Buffalo Girls

These are the latest QOVs I've quilted.  QOV #100 and QOV #101


Sonja Threadgill Nelson said...

Hi Mel! Ashley looks so grown up. The quilts are wonderful as always.

Mel said...

Yes, she is growing up quickly. She's taller than me now. LOL