Sunday, June 13, 2010

what's going on?

I can't copy and past into blogspot anymore.
Anyone else having the trouble or have a fix???


Robin said...

Mel, I use Microsoft Live Writer to write my blog and it then sends it to Blogger without a problem. For me, it's much easier to use than writing directly in Blogger. Just Google "Microsoft Live Writer" and then download it. It's free, just the right price.

Marge Gordon said...

I just copied and pasted my daily blog, so not sure what is up with your computer. I use control c to copy and then control v to paste in the blog, just worked for me.

Mel said...

I found this solution, so if you are having a problem, this might help. It did for me. I didn't change anything before, so don't know why it was changed now???

Ok, goto your Settings of your blog and scroll down.

This will tell you what editor you are using.

Make sure you are using either Old Editor or Hide Compose Mode. Personally I use Hide Compose Mode.

Then when you compose a new blog post and you paste into your blog you should be fine, just make sure you are the EDIT HTML tab of blog editor

Andee said...

I can't add a new gadget anymore either...hmmm!~