Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday update

Fabric usage goal (100 yards)-(82.31) yards to go
Fabric Added This Week - 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 58.75 yards
Fabric Used This Week -.29 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date - 65.74 yards
Fabric Used this month - 11.35 yards
Net year to date: 17.69

Judy is having us do the check in again this year. Accountability is a good thing!

This was a slow week. I worked on some birthday blocks and got them mailed off.
I started working on my DH's quilt. I have the pieces for the blue hst done, and most of the red pieces done. I'll need more than 85 of the red and blue 9-patches. I also need 25 friendship stars. Some blue and some red. Then, I can work this into a top.

1 comment:

Mary-Kay said...

Oh nice! I like the black and tan block.It makes me want to go get some of that fabric.