Friday, June 26, 2009


It has been a weird week. I've been depressed. I've only cleaned and sat and watched TV. Everyone is trying to get me out of the house, but I really needed to just veg and work through my thoughts and feelings about DH moving.

Good news is he is in San Pedro, CA and has his place. He is watching some of what he eats and is feeling better. Sounds like he needs to figure out some of the tests and get that started soon. His furniture should be arriving this morning. He will need to put everything away and be ready for work on Monday.
I did get 2 packages in the mail. I forgot to open the summer solstice package on Monday. My mind was just not in it. Isn't this a great package? Maura, thank you so much I love all that you sent.
1. MY summer treat recipe is the Three Bean Salad with the white kidney beans. This is a recipe in the #7 book. :)
2. The dollar store item is "The Girls" shopping girls sugar free fresh mints. The tin is sooooo cute.
3. I have a blue mouse pincushion for the handmade item. It's soooo cute.
4. I will have nice and soft feet with the Papaya & Orange Blossom lotion.
5.There is the cute cappuccino note pad and pen from a sale she couldn't pass up. Of course, DD is about ready to steal it from me. LOL
6. The quilty notion is the Quilter's Silver Marking Pencil. One of my favorites. Thank you!
7. My reading material is the Quilter's Kitchen. Some of these recipes sound delicious.
8. The summertime FQ is beautiful flowers in blues and purples. I am collecting for DD's quilt, so this will work perfectly!
Maura, thank you again for the wonderful package and I'm sorry I didn't get to it until today.
Kim sent me this package. Some was for my birthday and some was just fun things.The Eric Carle panel is wonderful. I was amazed that DD wanted me to make it up NOW!! LOL Guess she loved that book so much.
The purse handles are things I'll use as I'm getting back into sewing and making gifts for Christmas I'll even use the Quilted bag book to come up with ideas. Thank you.
The Menopaws book is so funny. That was a trip to read.
I love the blue and lime green blocks. I'm sure they will find a nice home in a future quilt.
I think the blue came from Kim's ocean waves quilt???
I'm sure my Girl Scout troop will enjoy the gazzillion beads. LOL
Ashley's been walking around with the compass, so I KNOW it will be used.
I appreciate the extra Janome feet. I ruin the quarter inch foot regularly, so that will come in handy.
The Quilter's Catalog seems to be one of those books with everything in it. I've not been able to go through the entire book yet. Can't read it at night because it keeps me awake. :)
I've put the Warm vanilla sugar hand gel in my purse to help me keep this pink eye at bay. I'll carry the lotion too, because my hands are getting dry from all this washing and cleansing.
I've put the Brownstone pin on my quilter's ribbon.
Thanks for the God's love heart.
Love the lime green emery board.
Kim, thanks for the perfect timing of these fun gifts.

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