Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Got another quilt quilted. This is a love quilt, so I need to get the binding sewn on and then I can get it mailed off. Oh, I need to make the label too.

I embroidered the 3 QOV labels needed for the next 3 QOVs.

I made a heart love block that I need to send off.

Overall, a good day.

I'm ready to load another love quilt for a neighbor to my parents. Her husband passed away late last week. So, this one needs to be done quickly.

That brings the quilts to be quilted down a bit, but still lots more to go. I'm making progress. This next love quilt will count towards some fabric usage, so that is a positive.

My plan is to quilt Vicki's quilt next and then the following love quilt will count towards my fabric usage and a UFO. So, I'm making progress.

Hoping things work as I want.


Joyce said...

I just happend to see your site and the qov labels. I also make QOV's and have put a digitized QOV logo in the files section of the yahoo group. If it's not there, let me know and I'll send it to you.

Kim said...

He's going to love it ....