Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Friday

Sometimes we go down to Seventh Heaven quilt shop for first Friday. But, Wanda decided to invite us over for a sewing time at her home. That was closer and we didn't spend any money. That is a good thing. She made us a wonderful dinner to start us off right. It was very relaxing for me.

Wanda worked on a quilt from an old scrap box and then started on
this one. She isn't sure what the pattern is, so she tried different things to get it to work.
Lana is working on a quilt to give to the association where we meet monthly. I will be quilting this one when she is done with it.
Ina is working on this table runnerShe got it ready to finish the applique.

It was the 4 of us and we all had something to work on.
I worked on Glenn's Love quilt and thought I'd get it ready to quilt, but I didn't like the choice of borders I brought with me, so I need to finish that at home.
I started to work on Doris' love quilt. I'm using the flower 4-patch swap and matching colors. This is not a good photo. The orange is actually pink. Lana called it an Aunt Ruthie quilt. So, that is what it is. I have the columns sewn together and will be working on the rows in the near future.
Today I'm working on the next step for Bears in the Farmhouse. I'm calling mine Butterflies in the Garden. I'll post a photo of the finished step and go from there.

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