Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, I've not done lots of sewing the last few days because a teacher at DD's school asked me for help in copying a huge amount of stuff. So, I spent the end of the week at school. I was worn out at the end of the day.

this morning I got up and started looking at e-mail. I found some designs I had not tried before, so that is what I'm doing! This cat almost looks like DS's not so much an angel of a cat.

I put the blue and yellow quilt up to make sure the backing was large enough. Tight, but think I can make it work. Now to get the batting the right size. I need to piece a little on it.

I need to work on Girl Scout stuff. I don't wanna.

I did mend a comforter for DS's roommate. It is ready to go back.

I did a little cleaning and straightening.

I am making more 4 patches for the love quilt. I think I like brown and red. Of course I do, I have brown, red and black in my dining room and kitchen. LOL

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