Sunday, November 9, 2008

cutting up baby clothing

Well, we took at trip north and spent a few hours in the car each way. So, I took the time to cut apart baby clothing. I took a bag of outfits with me and made it all the way through them. My thumb is sore. But, now I can take time and work on getting more squares cut and larger blocks put together. I figured that when I go in and watch TV with DH that I'm going to cut the outfits apart.

So, I have this ready to cut into squares and this to go. LOL This is a LONG process.

I finished the last block on the mystery quilt testing. I like this quilt. I am ready to sew the rows together. Then, I can get it quilted and donated. It feels good to do some sewing.

I need more white thread, and can't find any embroidery thread anywhere close to me. So, I guess I need to order it and wait for it to arrive. I want to make angels and ran out of white.

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