Sunday, November 30, 2008

2009 Stashbusting pledge

OK, I didn't get to download the pledge because the file says it was damaged, but I put one together on my own.
I am pledging to use up 100 yards or more in 2009.

I will focus on working on my UFOs for gifts and donations to others. My UFO cabinet is overflowing and needs help. I keep finding things to add to it. Projects seem to multiply and I don't use them up as quickly as I thought I would. I should review them and make sure my listing is accurate.

I will finish my own king sized bed quilt, so I have one of my quilts on my bed. That will be unique.

I will not overspend on fabrics and will use what I have in my stash before purchasing for a specific project.

I will work on quilting at least 15 minutes each day to help my mental stability and productivity.


Infinity Quilter said...

You goals seem attainable. One of my goals also is to make some of the kits/PIGS currently filling a dresser. Good luck! You CAN do it!

Roslyn Atwood said...

I didn't take the pledge either, but I have counted my UFO's & joined the UFO group. One a month next year I hope! Good luck to us both! Haven't counted the whimms or kits yet.