Saturday, October 4, 2008

working away

I'm doing OK with my items. The lady I made the purse for (it is for a gift) loved it. Whew. Do you ever get scared that you didn't get it right?

The baby quilt block was perfect too. It brought lots of memories with her saying, Oh, I remember that outfit.... so, that was on the right track. I wanted to make sure before I spent any more time cutting and putting this together. This is what still needs to be cut. :( I think I'll cut some today and put some smaller units together. These are the 2.5", 4.5" and 6" squares I've put together. I'm working to make sure to keep the logos intact to make it more interesting. I've even had a few pockets that worked well. It is a learning experience for me, and I'm beginning to have fun with it.

I need to head to the store and get some supplies for Girl Scouts to make headbands and such. That should be a fun time.

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