Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Silver Award

I saw this on one of my embroidery groups, and thought it was a good thing to share. Way to go Torrie!

"Hi, I know this is an embroidery group, but I really wanted to share our great news! My daughter Torrie (she's 14) has been working on her Girl Scout Silver Award all summer long, for her project she attempted to make 30 quilts to donate to children in need. Well she met her goal and then some, at the end of August she donated 51 quilts to various organizations around our area. Since then she has continued to quilt and we have been making quilts to send to Galveston Texas as there is still a huge need from the hurricane Ike victims. Well, to keep this short, recently we were contacted to see if Torrie was willing to do an interview about her quilts, click on the link http://tinyurl.com/3zm2rtif you would like to see the interview!I am so very very proud of all that she has accomplished!Thank you so much for letting me share!


P. S. If you are interested in reading about her Silver Award and her donations, please look on my blog, www.ginnysquilts.blogspot.com I wrote about her adventures."

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