Thursday, October 26, 2017

Learning Quilt A Long

I'm linking up to Andree's LQAL

My goal was to see if I liked using Terial Magic for a T-shirt Quilt
I didn't want to make a whole quilt with it, but to test the process to see if it would stabilize a little easier.
I made a pillow
I used an old band shirt that was leftover from other projects.
I knew this shirt had a lot of stretch to it, so that made it perfect for this process.

I sprayed it with the terial magic and had to wait for it to be almost dry to iron it dry.
It was no longer stretchy, so that was a good thing.
Then, I cut it like I would normally cut it and there was no stretch to it.
I added borders to see how it sewed.
It was like sewing a quilting cotton, just a little thicker.

What I learned was it was a little messy to work with.
It was easier than ironing on stabilizer.
It sewed together very nicely.

Conclusion is I will try it in a T-shirt quilt and even have one to try it on.

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