Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Studio Organizing

Last week I was working on surfaces.
Below is my cutting surface Before  
and After

It's stayed that way this week.

then was my pressing table.
I really had little room to press and now
      Before                                                                                                       After 

 The Desk was the third place, and most difficult place.
This is where DD does her homeschool work and where I do my digitizing and reading email.
It is always a mess.
and After

So, did I succeed in all the places, no, though I really did make progress in some areas and found new spots that need help

This week's goal is 

Spend at least 30 minutes putting things away

I think this is something that gets me when I am working on things in the studio or around the house.
If it doesn't have a place, it tends to go in my studio.
I have a mess by my fabric cabinets, which includes some filing and a project that just needs to be done.
 Then, this corner always collects things. 
I doubt I'll have time to go through the stuff in the far corner, but all the things on the chairs and in front of the UFO cabinet can be put in their places.

Thanks, Prairie Moon, for coming up with things that need to be done.
Hope your Cowboy gets to feeling better soon.
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving.
We are just staying as the family and DS doesn't have to work, which is a blessing.

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Shelly said...

Thanks! You really did make a big difference in some of your areas. I hear you on the "if it doesn't have a home, it goes in the studio" problem. I either need to have less stuff or make homes for more things! Haha!