Friday, November 11, 2016

Organization Challenge

Prairie Moon Organization Challenge is to pick something from this article by A Quilting Life .
I'm picking #7

7.  Schedule time to clean and organize in the sewing room.

Just as I do certain household cleaning tasks on the same day each week, I also try to keep a regular schedule in my sewing room. Of course it's not always possible, but I feel that having a plan in place does help me stay on top of things.

On Saturdays I trim scraps from the week, and I try to trim left-overs from projects as soon as a project is finished. 

I am going to have to really work on this one. I think Thursday afternoons would be the best time for me to work on my studio.

Of course, I made a bigger mess yesterday on this task trying to get my hand sewing items in order.
I was getting a lesson in how to hand quilt and pulled all of them out (this pile of bags was getting to me) and see what I had. I now need to determine what I really need to keep in containers and what needs to be consolidated.

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Shelly said...

I need to tackle all my hand-sewing baskets, too. I just put that on my to-do list a few days ago, but haven't done anything about it yet, naturally! I have stuff everywhere -- and I'll probably find that I have 10 little pairs of scissors. How many does a girl actually NEED?