Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekend is over

The center is sewn together.
It is 99 inches long.  YIKES
Now to figure out the sides and how to keep them the same size.
I'm sure it is going to work out with some fillers. :) 
My leader ender is the baby clothing quilt.
This is the bag with the two patches sewn together.
It's like scraps, it never seems to go down. 
This is the resulting four patches.
I do not think this is going on the trip with me.
I really want to work on other things.
I always take more than I can finish so I can move to another project.
Many of these are UFOs with a few new starts.
1. Acorn Squash Table runner
2. Bird of Paradise quilt
3. On the Town Purse
4. Patriotic Panel quilt
5. Run around bag
6. Disney Runaround bag
7. Turtle
8. America Spirit
9. Snowman
10. Bloom
11. Maze
12. Simply Woven
13. Bread & Butter
14. Maple Leaf
15. Moonshadow hooty patooty owl
16. Night Watch
17 Christmas Wreath
18. Christmas Traditions
19. Crazy Eights (bonus hst)
20. Black Embroidered butterfly table topper or pillow
21. Pieced hearts
22. Patriotic GS wall hangings
23. Zippered Pouches
24. Music quilt
25. Gypsy Rose

Many are UFOs, so they are already started.
I am sure I won't be bored.
We might be staying a couple extra days because of a campus tour.

Before I leave on the 9th, I would like to get done:
1. T-shirt quilt
2. Memory Quilt
3. QOV quilted
4. QOV quilted
5. QOV quilted
6. Birdcage cover made from UFO

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