Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Continuing on

I was side tracked last night, and needed a break from all the stabilizing.
But, I'm starting again
DD cut many of the shirts and is working on the last few.
I stabilized and cut them out.
She wants them to be different sizes, so that is what we are doing.
The memory quilt is coming along.
All the first round is done.
I am making the pieces for the second round.
I'm happy with the progress. 

Stashbuster's June number was this America the Beautiful block.
I am not thrilled with the project, so.....
I need a purple gift for a graduation present.
This is the front. 
This is the back.
I might need to add some velcro, but it is a nice little bag.
It's cute like this.

I also need to make some microwave bowl potholders.


Soma @ whimsandfancies.com said...

Fabulous projects, lovely colours!! I like the idea of making the t-shirt quilt blocks in different sizes. Happy Sewing!


Rachel said...

I like all the shirts. That's going to be one cool quilt!