Monday, November 24, 2014

To Do

So, I'm making progress, and the listing comes into play.  I know it helps me, but it seems to be never ending.  I think about what I have going and what I'd like to do and it becomes too much, so I make a list.  I think this is the order I need to work on things:

1. Sew backings together for 2 quilts
2. Quilt Bright and Black
3. 11 Christmas pillows for teachers
4. pink UFO 
5. baby quilt
6. As many coasters as I can make 
7. Christmas Sampler
8. Quilt testing quilt

Of course, there is the holiday meals, Girl Scouts, Equessence, and Band to throw into the mix.  But, I would rather be quilting.  LOL

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