Saturday, July 19, 2014


OK, so I was going to show you the pink and green quilt.  
The camera won't download to the computer.  
It wants to download to drop box, but then I can't find the photos.  
I hate computer problems.
When they are figured out, I will post

So, in the mean time, here is a listing of things I need to get done soon.
I will focus on them this weekend and next week.

  1. Uniform items done for band                           
  2.  Uniform fitting finalized for band for next week
  3. Put binding on pink and green quilt
  4. Cut more 2.5” squares from baby clothing
  5. Laundry
  6.   Vacuum and dust
  7.  Clean off desk
  8.  Update the school calendar on my phone
  9. Redo the lease for the trailer
  10. Sew some of UFO together

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