Thursday, July 17, 2014

Final update on trip list

My plans for my handwork are:
1.    Take the signature quilt with me to bind a. DONE
2.    Take a hand quilting project that I don’t like doing to try and finish. IN PROCESS  I have 12 more stars that need to be done
3.    Take the extra yarn to make more of the scarves and finally get it all used up
      Made one scarf There are loads of yarn left.  It will stay in the car for use when I need it.
4.    Take the bonus hst with me to press and trim.  These are normally my summer project and maybe I’ll have enough 2” hst to finish up the next border on my bonus triangle quilt. IN PROCESS  I showed a photo of what I had done.  There are always more that need to be worked on.
5.    Take some applique blocks with me.  I still need to pull the fabric and trace the wax paper to get them ready. Won't be done, forgot the thread to stitch them down
6.    Take a couple of books to read.stated one and need to finish it
7.    Take my graph paper and colored pencils to dream STARTED ONE QUILT Still playing with a design.
8.  Handwork on thread catchers

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