Saturday, September 8, 2012

Working on baby quilts

This is one of those speedy quilts.  I used the scraps from my novelty drawer.  I think the next one I do will be have the squares between the strips.  Notice I used the leftover bindings I keep for this binding.  What fun.

A friend made this and I just quilted it.  The big blocks have cute bear saying quilted in them.

I have a couple more baby quilts that have bindings being done.  One horsey quilt in the car for when DH is driving or I'm waiting on the kids.  One more speedy strip quilt that is by my chair that I work on when I'm watching TV.
I quilted a Jo Morton quilt that has been sitting around for too long.  I need to get that binding ready to replace one of the other ones when it was done.
I was given some flowered fabric today and decided that instead of starting a new quilt with it that I would use the flowered 4 patches and use this fabric as the large outside border.  That is ready to quilt.  I'd already sewn the 4 patches together,  This is another UFO.  Now I need to find the backing fabric for that one.
I'm also working on a string quilt with red centers.  I hope to give this one and the flowered one to a soldier that just moved into the area.  His home was built by extreme homes (I think that is the one) and he has a newborn.  They have 4 kids, so I was trying to get 4 quilts done quickly.  I am using up some of the string quilt blocks.
All this when I found out I need to immobilize my right foot.  LOL  So, I'm sewing left footed.

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Ruth Ann said...

Busy!Busy! The baby quilts look great. Love the bears!