Monday, February 1, 2010

Tammy's quilt finished

Boy, this quilt gave me fits. Well, not the quilt, but I think it was the thread. Sometimes it would work without issue and others would break every few inches. Yikes took me too long to do a large meander. This is a new bobbin case and I wonder if that is part of the problem. Anyway, I got it finished. YES!!!
I have to share with you DD's and my hair for Locks of Love. The one on the left is DD's hair and you will notice how thick it is. The scrawny one on the right is mine. LOL

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Mary said...

How nice you could both donate to Locks of Love. I did that a few years ago. Got a very nice Thank you from them. The quilt is very colorful. Could the thread breakage be due to a dull needle??? Or maybe even the wrong needle?