Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Upcoming surgery

I'll be going in for surgery on Friday. I am supposed to be back home on Saturday or Sunday, but time will tell on that.

I doubt I'll be sewing much the first couple of weeks, and don't know how much time I'll spend on the computer.

DH was in the ER in CA yesterday, but checked himself out and is on his way home (to TX) as I type. Hope he is well enough to take care of me.

Keep the prayers coming for both of us.
This is DD at her 4th grade graduation with her 2 teachers.
She's 5' 3.5" tall.


Robin said...

Take care Mel. I'll be thinking about you. Hope everything goes well and your back to sewing and blogging again soon. Robin

DownunderDi said...

May our dear Lord hold you bloth closely.

Jeanne said...

May God guide your surgeon's hands and give you a successful surgery and quick recovery.