Thursday, July 14, 2016


Do you ever get bored with a pattern?  
Well Simply Woven is that quilt. 
I have all the first step done, 
I now need to press the seams open. :(
I don't like pressing seams open.
I did put borders on that sampler quilt from the different swaps.

I like it better.

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Judy P. said...

I once made a pineapple quilt using Eleanor Burns' quilt in a day method. It came out beautifully but I didn't enjoy making it. I think I didn't enjoy it because you do step 1 to all of the blocks; then do step 2 to all the blocks, etc. When I made my Simply Woven I made each block to completion before I started the next one.

Because I make quilts for "fun", it is really important for me that I enjoy the whole process. We all do things in quilting for different reasons. I used to buy fabric at lunch time to cope with the stress at work. And I decided early on that the seam ripper was going to be my friend, not my enemy.

I digress. Good luck with you simply woven. Mine came out great.