Monday, June 16, 2014

I think I am procrastinating

So, I got this out, but really shouldn't be starting something new.  LOL
Instead of doing paperwork, I am putting this together.
I did get Mom's taxes filed this morning.  
We had a problem with Dad's military pay, so I had to file for an extension.
I did clean off my desk, but you wouldn't know it now.
So, maybe I deserve a break, right?
I really need to work on packing.
I think Mom will like this.  I need to figure out the size of hospital beds.  I think it needs to be longer.
A pink border with green binding might be nice.

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May be late news, however, I also needed to make a quilt for hospital bed....made it twin size PLUS extra twelve inches in length to insure tuck in at foot, since most adults are not accustomed to twin bed sleeping, and about four inches wider. Hope this helps. And he loves it...