Sunday, February 9, 2014

My new baby

Well, as many of us quilters know, there is a need for each of us to have a featherweight sewing machine.  Lana found this one on craigslist for a price I was willing to pay.
The case is worn, and some of the scrolling is off, but she is pretty to me.  I know I will need a new cord and some TLC on the box.  I just now need to find all the places I need to know about.  :)
The history of this machine was a Mom used it to make uniforms and costumes for a family band that toured all over.  She was bought in 1937 and helped keep food on the table during depression times.
I can't wait to sew on her and clean her up.


cityquilter grace said...

oooh congrats on your new baby....mine isn't perfect either but she does sew perfect and that is what counts....enjoy!

Marge Gordon said...

One of my FWs is a 1937 and sews like it is brand new. I like the older ones much better. Have fun with her!

Bonnie said...

She's going to be your go to machine if you sew away from home. One hint I heard is never lift her by the handle of her case. You never know when it might break! I also bought a clam shell foot pedal --- so much easier to sew with than the foot pedal that came with mine. Now if I can just get used to how slow she sews! Enjoy. Hope you are getting over your crud. (I read from latest to here...)