Sunday, November 3, 2013


November brings a new chapter in our lives.  A chapter without my Father with us.
Last year

In Albuquerque when Jon was little

Their 50th anniversary -- they made it to 63 years together.

My favorite of Little Miss Ashley flirting with Grandfather.

The holidays and life won't be the same, but there are sooooo many happy memories with my Dad, Ray Mitchell!

I am focusing on getting myself back into the studio, because it will make me feel better.  I know Mom will need some help, but I'm needing some peace and quiet in my studio creating and grieving.

Maybe Dad be enjoying all the music in heaven.  We love you and miss you.


Mary said...

Play your music LOUD so he can hear it from where you are. He'll be watching over you, Mel. Sorry for your BIG loss. I know because my daddy has been gone since 1980, and mom since 1977. I miss them every day!

Liz Morgan said...

So sorry for your HUGE loss Mel! He is watching over you and your family! I still have my dad and he is the reason why I am packing and moving my family to be close to him!

Hope you got to do some sewing and playing your music LOUD for you and him! 8)

Sending you "quilty" HUGS!

cityquilter grace said...

mel, my condolences to sorry for your is an adjustment