Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun Day

I had lots of things going on today.  No church because of the activities they had outside church. 
Went to lunch with my parents.
Dropped off leftovers to son.
Came home to play with straight line stitching on the long arm in this little Jo's Club 9 patch.  I am improving, but that is not an easy thing to do.  Now I need to bind it and another UFO is done.  :)

Then DD had a swim party to go to.  I hate just sitting, so I took a top that need binding, a label to sew on and this trapunto to bind.  All are finished, except for about 5 inches on the quilt.
Came home to finish the 9 patch quilting and Sandy brought over 2 of her quilts to be quilted.  I love the backing fabric on one of them.  When I get it done, I"ll post the photo.
Need to see if I have a quilt ready to go for a gift that someone asked me to sell them.  I'll look in the morning.

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